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With s1temap.com you can easily create your sitemap.xml. Add a domain and use your sitemap url link - your website has a sitemap. Our service is free and the number of pages on your website is not limited. We create an updated sitemap at regular intervals, which can still be accessed via the link provided. so you can simply enter the received link in the google webmaster tool or your robot.txt. creating a sitemap has never been so easy!

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you can add our url to your robots.txt

Sitemap: https://cdn.s1temap.com/sitemaps/www.s1temap.com/sitemap.xml


for nginx you have to use the proxy_pass module

server {
    location /sitemap.xml {
        proxy_pass https://cdn.s1temap.com/sitemaps/www.s1temap.com/sitemap.xml;


there will be also a way for apache

coming soon

why should you generate sitemaps

What is a sitemap? A sitemap is something like a city map from your website. It should contain all links to relevant contents of your website. With this information, a so-called crawler can analyze your website in an optimal way. A crawler scans the internet for useful information, in order to then present you to its users for to make an injunction. the best known crawler is from Google, but all other search engines use these bots as well. A sitemap is therefore the best way to get a good ranking with search engines.

Technical facts which you should know. simply, a sitemap is a file containing your web pages links - more precisely, it is an XML file. XML is a markup language. It is a file format that can be read by humans and computers. The language is often used as an exchange format between computers. The best known type of XML is HTML, which at least in current versions follows the XML definition.

What should I know? When creating a sitemap, you must make sure that all relevant links on your website are listed in the sitemap. Sounds simple, but can also quickly become quite complicated. especially if you use javascript frontend technologies and have many pages on your Internet presence, a up to date sitemap can mean a lot of work.

It's to much manual work! because maintaining a sitemap can be a lot of work, we recommend a sitemap generator. There are many different ones on the internet with which you can create your sitemap. in most of them you just have to enter your domain and then the tool will create a sitemap. you can then upload it to your website and make it accessible.

But why is there s1temap? Most sitemap generators are limited to a maximum number of pages. you also need to download the sitemap and make it available on your website. of course you have to do this in regular intervals. you have a website with new content on a regular basis? then this solution is no fun! with us you can register your domain once. Afterwards we will provide you with a link. on your webserver you can set up a redirection to this link. that's all you have to do do. in regular intervals we update your sitemap automatically.

Where should I publish your sitemap? The most common ways are to add your sitemap to the robots.txt or to put it in the google webmaster tools.